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Scott Sinclair

Scott SinclairScott Sinclair's Profile on LinkedIn
CEO / Visionary / Partner

WHAT: Vision, Mission, Values and Goals. ROAD TO XCLUTEL: 18 years in telecom with 14 years of experience owning and operating telecom businesses. WHY I LIKE COMING TO WORK: “I love our Vision. I am extremely passionate about changing the face of telecom!” FAVORITE MUSIC: Disturbed, Sin MG, Bon Jovi, Breaking Benjamin. WHY I LOVE XCLUTEL CUSTOMERS: “XCLUTEL customers trust in our vision. I would never sacrifice that trust for anything. I am extremely thankful, that they are giving us the opportunity to change telecom.” ONE THING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT SCOTT: He is a professional musician and recording artist.

Melvin ThoedeMelvin ThoedeMelvin Thoede's profile on LinkedIn

WHAT: Operations, Engineers and Implementation. ROAD TO XCLUTEL: Melvin has over 20 years of hands-on Executive, Management and Consulting experience focused on delivering practical solutions. WHY I LIKE COMING TO WORK: “I love helping our customers find solution that help them drive their business and I also enjoy helping small business owners.” FAVORITE MUSIC: Rock, pop, classic rock, and adult alternative. WHY I LOVE XCLUTEL CUSTOMERS: “Our customers appreciate what we can do for them. We have great relationships with mutual respect and trust.” ONE THING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT MELVIN: Melivin enjoys a tranquil work environment music and his guitars.

Steve JaffeSteve JaffeSteve Jaffe's profile on LinkedIn
CFO / Partner

WHAT: Responsible overseeing all the financial aspects of Xclutel. ROAD TO XCLUTEL: includes over 25 years of hands-on Executive, Management and Consulting experience with companies in a variety of industries and sizes. WHY I LIKE COMING TO WORK: “I enjoy helping people and the process of negotiating aquisitions. I am having a blast watching our brands grow.” FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything from the 60s & 70s that isn't country music. WHY I LOVE XCLUTEL CUSTOMERS: “I love the relationships we built and the mutual loyalty we have with our clients.” ONE THING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT STEVE: Steve loves cross-fitness (T25) and healthy choices.

Xclutel has brought a level of service and support to our business that we just haven’t experienced in the past. With our large network combined with the demanding nature of being a health care provider it is extremely important for us to work with a company that responds immediately to our needs. Xclutel is that company. The fact that they are handling our phone systems, phone and internet service and cabling needs under one roof makes our job much easier. The fact that they have simplified our billing is priceless.

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