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Digitek Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are the traditional way of controlling who can enter a door or building.The visitor "calls" a resident or employee (via speaker system or telephone system) and then that resident or employee can "buzz" the visitor in.

Telephone entry systems come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of features. Let Xclutel do the research for you, saving you hours of investigation time.

Digitek Video Entry Systems

Video Entry Systems

Video entry systems work on the same "call" and "buzz" theory that telephone entry systems do. However, not only does the resident get to speak to the visitor, but they get to see the visitor as well before buzzing them in.

As with telephone entry systems, the configuration that you need will vary. Xclutel's sales staff will design the right system for your application.

Digitek Keycard and Key Fob Entry Systems

Keycard and Key Fob Entry Systems

A keypad, keycard or key fob reader system can be added to all of Xclutel's access control systems, so you can gain entry without the "call" and "buzz" inconvenience. Readers are the perfect addition to any access control system.

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