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Avaya S8500 Media Server Platform™

S8500 Media Server

The S8500 Media Server running Communication Manager allows for a distributed enterprise over an IP infrastructure ideal for the mid-size or large business (up to 3200 ports).

The S8500 Media Server brings all of the robust performance and rich feature set of Communication Manager Release 2.0 or later release onto an industry standard processor running an industry standard operating system. This processing engine drives the switching fabric of the system. The S8500 Media Server is a Pentium 4 server running Linux operating system. The simplex S8500 Media Server is 1 U high and fits into a 19" four-post data rack.

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Avaya Media ServerIn new system sales, the S8500 Media Server will be sold with the G650 Media Gateway as well as with the G700 and G350 Media Gateways. Customers that are currently on Avaya legacy systems such as the DEFINITY® Server SI, R (Direct Connect only – no Center Stage Switch), CSI and S8100 can easily migrate to the S8500 Media Server and maintain their current Media Gateways (e.g.: CMC, SCC1, MCC1, G600). The S8500 Media Server supports IP Port Network Connectivity for new sales and Direct Connect for SI/R migrations. Center Stage connectivity is not supported on the S8500 Media Server.


  • Supports distributed IP in a smaller scale.
  • S8500 as a Local Survivable Processor (LSP) positions the S8500 Media Server as a higher capacity LSP for larger remote sites of a distributed enterprise.
  • Provides Enterprise Survivability, similar to ESS, as it may serve as a "regional" survivable server for multiple H.248 gateways.
  • Includes RAM Disk, which maintains the S8500 Media Server to continue to operate in the event of a disk failure.

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