Voice Access Products

Voice Products & Rate Plans

XCLUTEL's voice access products give you the ability to place and receive phone calls via traditional TDM and VoIP mediums. With these products in our arsenal we can connect your sites across the country by simply dialing four digits from your phone keypad. As well as converge all your calls, messages, faxes and emails on one platform.

XCLUTEL's Voice Access Products:

***To see a more detailed definition of each of our services, visit our Knowledge Base***

  • POTS Service (plain old telephone service)
  • T1 Voice Access (DS1)
  • ISDN PRI Voice Access (ISDN Prime Rate Interface)
  • SIP Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol)
  • Private Line point-to-point Circuits
  • DID Numbers (Direct Inward Dial)

Our goal is to make telecom simple to manage for your company and your employees. Your interface to telecommunications will remain simple because of the complex programming and routing that we do behind the scenes to make your operations more efficient.

Whether it's routing calls through your call center or allowing your customers to find you even when you are away from your desk, we keep things simple for you.

Long Distance Service & Toll-Free

The XCLUTEL long distance product line allows your business to reach your clients and suppliers anywhere in the world. Our Domestic long distance rates for the United States are extremely competitive. Our reliable services set a precedent in the industry for value. If your business places calls outside the continental United States, XCLUTEL also offers competitive international rates that will provide substantial savings!

Our reliable toll-free services are simple to understand and cost effective as well.

Rate Plans

XCLUTEL has a variety of local rate plans that are custom fit to the needs of each customer.

XCLUTEL offers both measured and UNLIMITED rate plans throughout their serving area.

**PLEASE NOTE: XCLUTEL takes special care of each customer to make sure that the correct solution is applied to the correct application. XCLUTEL does not rely on what our customers think they need. XCLUTEL is YOUR partner and you can trust us to find you the most efficient cost effective solution for YOU.

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