Integrated Access

Our Integrated Access products will give you professional access solutions at reasonable rates.

XCLUTEL's Integrated Access products make voice and data services simple for YOU. By combining your inbound and outbound calling together with your internet access on one circuit, these products give you dedicated services using economies of scale to save you money.

All of XCLUTEL's integrated products are custom designed to specifically answer the needs of your business. By efficiently delivering your telephone network and internet access on a shared digital facility XCLUTEL eliminate unnecessary telecom waste and reduce your monthly telephone charges.

Integrated access diagram supported by Adtran

XCLUTEL's integrated solutions are scalable, and work very well for small business as well as enterprise customers because of their design versatility.

XCLUTEL's integrated products provide you with reliable voice access and static data bandwidth, unlike the inconsistent bandwidth offered by DSL and Cable products

Internet Access Data services range from a dedicated 256Kbps to 1.5Mbps, and Voice Services ranging from 6 to 32 lines or voice channels, we can design a solution that works for you.

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Business Continuity Plans

XCLUTEL has taken disaster recovery to a new level. Learn more about our philosophy of reliability and see how a Business Continuity Plan can give you peace of mind.

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