Managed Services - Xclusive

Intuitive, Proactive and Peace of Mind

XCLUTEL's Xclusive Managed Services
  • Uptime/ Downtime Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Multiple Site Monitoring
  • Managed Router Service

Monitors multiple firewalls including VoIP / QOS traffic with one platform. This includes monitoring all of your traffic and the health of your routing appliances throughout your network. Access real-time reports, graph network usage, receive customized notifications and proactively plan for network upgrades or adjustments before critical situations surface. Emergency after-hours support

Requirements for XCLUSIVE Packages:

  • Must have XCLUTEL Services
  • Must Have a Static Public IP Address
  • Must Have an XCLUTEL Provided Routers

Contact Us for a No-Cost evaluation so we can show you how our managed services can give you peace of mind and network predictability.

Business Continuity Plans

XCLUTEL has taken disaster recovery to a new level. With your XCLUTEL Maintenance Contract or your Network Access Products you can add Failsafe on a whole new level.

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