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The Philosophy

XCLUTEL is a World Class team of telecom professionals that came together to accomplish a common purpose. To provide its customers with an eXCLUSIVE customer service and support experience unlike the unaccountable, apathetic experience they have had in the past when dealing with the typical corporate phone company.

What qualities do YOU value in a service provider?

  • Good communication with people who care about YOUR Business?
  • A sense of urgency when it comes to business critical events?
  • Proactive updates and follow through?
  • Clear and honest billing?

XCLUTEL is the vision of business owners who got tired of the mediocre, apathetic service prevalent in the telecom industry and started their own phone company. This one-stop telecommunications provider uses its experience in technology & customer service to give business owners the technology support and solutions they need to make their businesses successful.

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XCLUTEL's Vision:

To Revolutionize the Telecom Industry for Our Customers So That They May Experience:

  • A "Partner" who cares
  • Exclusive, Valet-like Customer Service
  • A Prompt Response to Issues or Questions
  • Precise and Accurate Implementations
  • Expert Sales and Technical Staff
  • Honest, Compassionate, Open and Clear Communication

The XCLUTEL revolution is that we refuse to stand with the majority in the telecom industry who continue to project the image that YOU are not that important and YOU therefore do not deserve good service. Everyone of our customers are extremely important to us. We want ALL of our customers to feel as though they are members in our EXCLUSIVE telecom country club. When we say customer service, we are talking about personal, valet style interactions that leave our customers feeling empowered and in control of technology instead of being at its mercy.

So, welcome, browse the site, there is something here for everyone in search of telecom solutions. Let us know what you think. We are always available and willing to help.

Xclutel has brought a level of service and support to our business that we just haven’t experienced in the past. With our large network combined with the demanding nature of being a health care provider it is extremely important for us to work with a company that responds immediately to our needs. Xclutel is that company. The fact that they are handling our phone systems, phone and internet service and cabling needs under one roof makes our job much easier. The fact that they have simplified our billing is priceless.


Address Info
3075 Tollview Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008

Other Contacts
Email: wecare@xclutel.com
Website: www.xclutel.com
Phone: 855.XCLUTEL

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Business Continuity Plans

XCLUTEL has taken disaster recovery to a new level. Learn more about our philosophy of reliability and see our white paper: Building Your Business Continuity Plan.

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Knowledge Base

Looking for a place to go to get your questions answered? Start with our Knowledge Base. Click below.

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